Global Partners Investment Group

Global Partners is a global provider of business development and marketing solutions with representative offices in Asia and North America. With over 400 employees, our companies specialize in event management, specialty marketing, transportation services, mining, information technologies, construction, and hospitality. We also offer international experience in the fields of Supply-Chain management, transportation as well as numerous advisory and board roles related to organizational development and management

Our experience from product and service development, sales, marketing and management is used by exceptional entrepreneurs to improve their operations, strategies and international presence. We look for fascinating innovation, top talent, great market opportunities, and products and services that make the world a better place.

As a company, Global Partners is a value-based and client-centered holding organization that prioritizes diversity and inclusion. Our people are the heart of our company representing our belief in human capital and inclusivity.

More Than

25 Years of Experience in

● Transportation
● Logistics
● Agriculture
● Metallurgy & Mining
● Information Technologies
● Hospitality & Tourism
● Construction
● Banking